When gratitude precedes gratification

This weeks sparkenation.

I meet a lot of people who are always focused on getting and having more.

I meet a few people grateful for what they have. These folk realise “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.” so said Rabbi Hyman Judah Schachtel in an excellent book The Real Enjoyment of Living.

Wanting what you have = gratitude

Having what you want = gratification

When I faced death’s door 35 years ago my doctors advice was for me to ‘have an attitude of gratitude’ (Sparkenation 20 in my changing what’s normal book.

The great paradox of having an attitude of gratitude is that when we are grateful for what we’ve got, we can have more of what we want.

The many are focused on gratification. The few focus on gratitude.

Are you one of the many or one of the few?

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