7 Secrets To building your Internet Network Marketing Business

Building an Online Network Marketing Business is in many ways like building any online business. It takes certain skills, a level of motivation and probably most important of all, a willingness to learn and to be ‘coachable’.

In my time building mlm businesses here are the 7 secrets that have been shared with me by some of the most successful online network marketers out there:

1. Have a VERY Strong Reason.

You’ll hear this referred to as ‘the dream’, ‘your goal’ and so on. The whole point of this is that you are going to need something to drive you on, even when things don’t seem like they’re working. Having a nice car is one thing, but as we all know, we can easily settle for less and give up. Get emotionally attached to your goal, make it something you can see, believe and feel strongly about. Amongst the easiest ‘emotional goals’ you can focus on are those involving your children and your immediate family. Imagine being able to provide that dream for your family. Visualise it and see it in your minds eye as if you have already have it, feel it, believe it, get attached to it.

2. Use a ‘System’ to Generate Your Own Leads and Extra Cash

Don’t make the mistake of buying leads. There are lots of systems out there designed to allow you to generate your own leads for free. The systems known as ‘funded proposals’ are designed to do two things: Provide you with an endless stream of new leads and Put money in your pocket. I cannot endorse the funded proposal system enough. Network Marketers suffer two problems: not enough leads and running out of money. The funded proposal solves both of these problems.

3. Promote YOU First.

People join you in business, mostly they don’t really join you in business for the products. People love to follow leaders and will join you in business for your leadership and the relationship they can build with you. By promoting You Inc. it maybe that you can lead your team to opportunities when things may have gone wrong in your existing company. (This doesn’t sound too positive but it is a reality and it does happen)

4. Focus on Attracting Experienced Network Marketers.

This is what we might call a ‘no brainer!’ Experienced network marketers already understand the principles of mlm, they already understand the power of leverage and duplication and most importantly they are usually educated and positive and are a lot easier to work with. By focusing on attracting experienced mlmers you are not going to go through the whole pyramid, scam argument and all that other negative, time wasting blah blah stuff.

5. Take the Time to Build Relationships with Your Leads

Provide value, care about them, develop bonds, share your skills and experiences. Listen to their challenges and issues, empathise, understand and where appropriate provide solutions. Always remember: It’s the little things that make a BIG difference, one tiny act of kindness can go a VERY long way.

6. If You Can Help - HELP!

Support the network marketing industry, support your fellow network marketers. It really doesn’t matter which company they are with, whether they are cross line, upline, downline or whatever. Always help out where you can. Remember a rising tide will raise all ships. If you can suggest a solution to a problem, suggest it, If you know of a resource that will help someone, send them to it. What goes around comes around. What we give out is what we get back.

7. LEARN Stuff Fom People That Have Already Done It

You simply must be ‘Coachable’ Quite simply makes no sense to try and figure everything out on your own and effectively rewrite the book. there are thousands of successful online network marketers to learn from and they are giving giving giving! Find someone you can relate to and learn from them. Look for a mentor and become a student. ASK For Help!


An Internet Marketer based in Colchester, UK. Specialising in using internet based downline building systems and helping others to succeed in working at home. Ian can help you set up and market your own MLM business. A good place to start is by visiting Downline Building System

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