The New Age of Network Marketing, MLM and Downline Building Systems

Are you like me?

I became familiar with the principles of Network Marketing and MLM back in 1994.

I was introduced to a large MLM company by my friend Robin one evening around at somebody’s house.

I was blown away by the content of Robin’s presentation, the dreams he built, the network building diagram and compensation plan. I mean I was totally awe struck, I had never seen anything like this before and I really thought that was it, my ticket to freedom… all I had to do was find half a dozen buddies who saw what I saw, and that was it, I’d be made for life.

Well, if you are like me you can imagine what happens next.

My friends don’t get as excited as me, I come back to Earth with a bump and I end up wondering if there is something wrong with me or something wrong with the business I was so excited about. Fortunately, my upline, Robin, is a smart fellow, he’s got me using ‘the system’. It’s a system of books, tapes, meetings and functions. This system keeps me in the business, builds my confidence and belief and provides tools to help me build and train my downline. It empowers me to put on a suit and drive around the country late at night showing the business plan to people, looking for the one’s that see what I see.

I soon realize that this is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme and actually, there’s some hard work involved.

Five years later, I discovered the Internet, and I let my Network Marketing business go. I don’t know if it was the loss of belief in my self, the business or the system, or, if it was the constant rejection and pain I felt every time a distributer quit, but I let it go.

If you’ve been involved in ‘Old School’ MLM or Network Marketing as I’ve described above, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that MLM burns itself into your heart. It never leaves you, you know that it is right, wholesome, ethically and morally correct and probably one of the most powerful business models out there.

Enter the Internet. Combine the Power of the Internet, MLM companies and Downline Building Systems and you are looking at a completely different animal.

Take away the pain, the rejection, the prospecting telephone calls, the driving, the suits, in fact everything that was expensive and painful, take it all away, that’s old school!

Bring in automatic downline building systems, viral traffic systems, auto responders, social networking, interactive websites, online training and conferencing, blogging, article writing and search engine optimization and you have an extremely powerful system which attracts people to your mlm or network marketing business.

Turn the Old School on it’s head, the systems out there today bring your leads and prospects to you magnetically, people chase you and ask for the information, your business grows around the planet and those friends you thought would be so excited about that business don’t even know what you’re doing.

If you are anything like me, (if you’ve read this far you probably are!) I encourage you to check out the New Age of MLM and Network Marketing. Understand that the Internet and technology has revolutionized the MLM business model and that potentially it will change your future for the better. Put aside those old reservations and worries, they don’t exist here on the net. Embrace the terms MLM and Network Marketing, here on the turbo charged Internet those words are as acceptable as ‘A Cup of Tea’


An Internet Marketer based in Colchester, UK. Specialising in using internet based downline building systems and helping others to succeed in working at home. Ian can help you set up and market your own MLM business. A good place to start is by visiting Downline Building System

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