Diamonds Are A Cereal Marketer's Best Friend

Something New from Something Old It's a playful, yet brilliant marketing scheme that is reaping the cereal a lot of consumer attention. The breakfast cereal, produced by Post Cereals and General Mills has been a favorite for years in the , , and . It looks like small squares made of malted, interwoven whole grain wheat. Believe it or not the name of the cereal is the slang term used to describe men's undershorts. (This is a not a piece of trivia used in marketing campaigns for the cereal.) The last time it got this much attention was during the "Wayne Gretzky" Shreddies cereal box era.

If you were thinking Post didn't actually do anything different to the humble square other than tip it on its corner to produce the diamond shape you are absolutely correct. The point is that the company has offered a new perspective on a product that has been around for years and it's making an impact on the public awareness of the food. It's all about putting a new spin on an old thing.

Post has come up with a promotional campaign that is getting consumers involved by voting on either the square or the diamond version of the Shreddie. A cereal box design is offered for each version while the official Diamond Shreddies website allows you to vote for your pick and download printable posters to put up around the office promoting the options. A ticker tape constantly scrolls across the face of the website revealing the latest voter news such as "Square predicted to gain support in Northern B.C." and "Diamond predicted to lead in the West."

Something New to Promote Your Products

Excitement over the new shape, which isn't really a new shape at all, has increased sales by 18%. Shreddies have been around for about 70 years. If you are struggling with your sales for a product that is tried and true, maybe it's time to come up with a new slant on promoting your product. The large corporations are doing it, so there's a good chance it will work for your small business.


Over the course of the last 10 years as an entreprenuer I have successfully launched, managed, and sold off several businesses. Each organization has added some value to my understanding of the business world today. My philosophy has been that 9 things out of 10 that I try will fail, but that golden one is always worth the battle. In my experience that has proven to be the case and my successful businesses still operate today under the management of those whom I have sold off to.

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