How to Optimize Google Images And Increase Your Website Traffic

Image optimization is the most underused method to increase traffic to a website. Depending on the niche, one can drive great amount of extra traffic to a site with very little efforts. Here are few points you can follow while optimizing images.

1. Keywords in ALT Text: This step is the most important step while optimization images. Select a keyword which is relevant to describe your image and insert it in the alt text code of your image.

Name images properly. If you have an image of Obama, you can name the image as "barack-obama.jpg" instead of the default "img1.jpg".

Inorder to determine relevancy, search engines look at text surrounding an image. Hence it is recommended to insert keywords immediately before or after the image itself. Also the anchor tag text is going to influence image-search rankings.

2. Tag your images: Tags can add more weight to your image and help it rank better. You can use social tags like Technorati. Make sure that your robots.txt file gives access to search engines to crawl and index your images. Do not use javascript links on image files as it may restrict search engines from crawling the image.

3. Use images related to popular topics: Use images related to popular topics in your niche to catch visitors who are searching for hot topics or trending topics. Using Google Trends you can find the latest trend in your niche.

4. Choose an already indexed and optimized page of your site and link the image to that page so that the users of google image search can access this page via the 'back' anchor on the new page.

5. Monitor the number images indexed by Google. Try to improve the ALT text, image description etc to increase your image rank.


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