How to Dominate Keyword Search Using Google Keyword Search Tool

I am dedicated to teaching future Entreprenuers and Internet Marketers a few tricks of the trade to help them market anything to anybody on the net. The lesson I am teaching today is how to do Keyword Research. What is it you are looking for exactly when you do these searches? And what are the rules or guidelines for Network Marketers in doing a search for your specific keyword?

First, what you are looking for, is exactly what your customers or Marketing Niche are typing into the search engines to find you. Is what they are typing in, related to what you are selling and what business you are in? The best way to find out is put yourself in their shoes. You are now the customer getting ready to find your business on the internet. What is the specific word phrase you would use to find you? What question would you ask (i.e. type into the search engine), to find your company. Simple right? Well it really is.
For example, if you are a customer searching on the Internet, you would type "red pumps" or a specific kind of pair of shoes. Then, you can use Google Keyword Search Tool (just google "google keyword tool") and type that keyword in to get similar keywords variations (red high heel pumps for example). Next are the rules and/or guidelines you would need to follow to reduce your competition in Google for the first pagerank. And those are, when you type that keyword or keyword variation in Google search, check to see how many results show? Well, if you try and keep that number under about 500,000 results then you have found your new keyword and niche! You would then do a video and write an article to optimize that keyword and dominate your Network Marketing Niche.
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