The Need for a Well Optimized Website Design!

With literally millions of websites now invading the internet webmasters are fighting to reach top (SERP) positions on the search engines. A mediocre website doesn't stand a chance and unless drastic action is taken it will simply float away and remain buried in cyberspace.

Optimized Website Design and Promotion may be the answer. A professional design expert will re design your website and optimize it to a high level so the search engines can not refuse to take notice.

Your website will now be at the fore front with improved rankings and a secure traffic flow.

If a website design expert is out of the question possibly because of finances then you will need to do some SEO of your own.

Optimizing your own Website may sound impossible but there are many Websites that offer free tutorials, and this can be quite reassuring.

Reciprocal linking has lost some favour with Google which is one of the top search engines, although it is still advisable to retain your links and to continue linking to important Websites. Back links are now the order of the day, although asking Websites to link to you with out returning the favour is a waste of your time to say the least!

You must look at article marketing to build your back links. This means you should consider writing your own articles and submitting them to article forums. If you can't write your own then it is possible to buy articles, you then place your own links to the article and submit them to the article forums.

If you have the time and the expertise you can make a point of writing one or two articles each week, this will greatly improve your back links and they’ll mount up quickly, just place your website links at the base of the article and give a brief description about yourself or your business. Other websites can visit the article forum and if they choose to select your article and place it on their Website you will receive a back link. Every back link you receive is a further boost to your website’s ranking.

Website design tutorials are scattered about the web and many of them are free, it would benefit you greatly to take advantage of these tutorials. The more you learn about SEO and optimizing your Website Design the greater your chances of success on the internet and future improvements to your website will not prove to be a problem.

One of the main elements of a good website is the presence of keywords in the Meta tags section. Keywords are what search engines see when they crawl your Website. It is imperative to have a targeted set of 10-20 keywords that are 2-3 words. Remember that most people online use 2-3 words when they do a search.

A good idea also is to check out some of the Design Promotional Websites, many of them give some excellent hints and tips that will brush up your knowledge and enable you to make many improvements.

If your Website is less than six months old then the simple truth is that Google and the main search engines have not got around to you yet. It can take up to nine months or more to see your Website appear in the searches. If your website is correctly Optimized it is just a question of waiting.

In the meantime continue to add new pages to your website, instructional articles or interesting news items that will attract traffic, optimize each page in the same way as your index page. Free articles are also an attraction, you can find these in the article forums and they are free for you to use but you must always add the by-line that is at the base of the article.

When visitors arrive at your site their first impression is usually colour,keep away from colours that glare out at you and stick to colours that are pleasing to the eye, use two or three different colours but keep the background white and the text generally should be black, this makes for easy reading.

Graphics can enhance your website but be careful to keep them to a reasonable size and do not overload your page with them as this can slow the load speed of your Website and it is a sure way to scare off your visitors.

Most surfers tend to skim through quickly so make sure you have something of interest on your index page that will attract and cause them to stay awhile, when this happens they often click through your other pages to see what else they can find interesting.

One more thing you can do is to visit search engine forums, apart from lots of helpful advice you can ask your own questions which comes in very handy at times.

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