Is 5 Years Long Enough To Get Rich Quick?

You heard it folks, five years, onlyfive years is that enough to make the money you want and change your financial lives forever?

I was discussing this topic the other day and you would be amazed at how many people out there are in financial dire straits. Okay, maybe not amazed but this particular problem is no longer someone else's. In fact, it is probably a dilemma that is hitting home and hitting hard. It might be you or your neighbor; maybe someone in your family but odds are we are all facing a little financial crisis of our own.

Not to worry, there is plenty of time to correct the problem. I want you to take a few moments right now and think what has happened in your life over the last 5 years; write it down if you have to. Be specific because, after all, you are trying to change your financial outlook.

This is so simple! I mean anyone that is under the age of 65 can think this one through and make a real change. If you are over 65, no problem; you just have to be a little more laser focused. Unfortunately there are lots of people out there that are over 65 and facing very difficult financial times. You may have lost a tremendous amount of your financial portfolios, and/or retirements. Now you are faced with some very tough times.

Number one rule - I may not be 65 but I have learned this aswell as anyone and I did so the hard way. DON'T BE TO PROUD TO ASK FOR HELP. PERIOD! I could end the story here as this pretty much sums it all up. Each of us has friends and family that are in need of help. Try your local mission or church and you will be amazed at how many people are out there willing to help you out. In the end, all we have is our friends and family. The good Lord seems to always work it out that when you need the help most; he will provide. It always seems that a friend or family member is out there and ready to help. Sometimes it's you and sometimes it's not.

For instance, I just had a situation where a lifelong friend trying hard and just needed a little extra cash to get him through this rough spot. I was in a position to help him so he came on and worked with me. I didn't really need the work done, but I came up with a few things that we could do together and I got him through the beginning of the year when he needed it most and now he is on his feet. I just told him yesterday when we were talking that it seems we are always where we need to be to help each other out.

For those of you a little younger...even better! Five years is not a long time but a lot can happen in five years. Again, think about your life in five year increments. If you want to get motivated, this will do it for you. Start back when you were younger. You will be so amazed, seriously. Each five year segment of your life has produced some tremendous things, and yes, you probably have had some down times during these periods. We all have and that will never change. Our goal should be to prepare for the down times so we can get through them better each time.

Now that you have taken a few minutes to reflect on your past, you are ready to move forward. But make sure you wrote down this reflection on paper, as it will help embed the lesson in your subconscious and that is where you need it. Your subconscious will help you develop good strong habits.

Moving forward, the next five years will be much easier now that we believe we can make a huge difference five years from now. Start by making some small changes and then work your way up. Remember that if you are saving money you are making money. If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always gotten. Now get up and make a change. If you want some specific ideas on what to change or where to start I have written many ideas right here in my blogs.

Motivation is a great thing, it is the difference between success and failure-All you need to do is find that one person that motivates you.

Happy Investing

James Dicks


James Dicks has been an educator on the subject of Real Estate, Stocks, Options, the Foreign Exchange Market and empowering investors to handle their own investments. James has authored numerous financial books including his most recent book Forext Trading Secrets published by McGraw-Hill as well as FOREX Made Easy Six Ways to Trade the Dollar and Operation Financial Freedom.

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