Longer Search Queries Increased By 8% In 2009

The use of longer search queries is gaining popularity in the year 2009. According to Hitwise, The use of short search queries is reducing and the long search query is increasing, as users want a more specific search. Longer search queries are becoming popular, as there is a consistent growth in the usage when compared to June 2008. The short search queries are reduced compared to June 2008. However, the search query base of 2 words leads the popularity continuously and is followed by 3 word searches. Use of More Than 5 Word Search Queries Increased By 8%

The average of search queries of more than 5 words is increased by 8% in June 2009 from June 2008. It was about 7% in April 2009. When it comes to the percentage of the total clicks by the number of keywords, this segments has more than 20% share of the total clicks. The increase in the number of keywords conveys that the users are looking for more specific and accurate results in their searches.

Use of 2 Words Leads the Popularity By 22.02%

Search queries of 2 words lead the popularity by 22.02% in June 2009. Though it leads all search queries, it is reduced by 9% from June 2008 when it had 24.17% of the total clicks. Two word search queries are very much popular among the online searchers as well as online marketers who target the keywords. The decrease in the popularity in the two word search queries is a sign to watch out for the online marketers.

Search Queries Of 1 To 4 Words Reduced By 2%

Average searches with 1 to 4 words are reduced by 2% from June 08. The use of 1 to 4 words is less compared to previous year but the 2 words search base still leads all the search queries. There is a reduction of 2% YOY in the use of 1 word in the search base and just a gain of 1% in the use of 3 words in the search queries.

The longer search query represents the desire to get the specific results of the users. The growth of long search query base indicates the growth and necessity of specific more accurate keywords.


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