Personality Traits of Marketing Professionals

Marketing refers to the process of thoroughly understanding customer needs and fulfilling those needs by creating good products and services. It also means communicating effectively about your products and services to customers through various modes such as direct marketing, personal selling and advertising products online.

Every business organization whether large or small requires a marketing department for promoting products and services in such a manner that it attracts customers. The major role of marketing professionals is to spark consumer interest and ensure that the business is able to win large profit margins. In order to accomplish this task marketing professionals require certain skills. Here are some of the characteristics required by marketing professionals.

Up-to-date on Latest techniques

It is important for marketing professionals to be up-to-date on latest trends since they have to effectively manage the product development process. The best way to gain knowledge on current trends is to take some time out of the job and participate in workshops, seminars and conferences.

Personal and Team Communication Skills

Marketing professionals need to have effective personal and team communication skills. They must have confidence in themselves and present products in such a manner that it increases customer base. In order to have a strong customer base, it is vital that marketers have good connections with people they deal with.

Marketing professionals must be able to communicate effectively in a team. This is because they deal with people having different personality traits. Clients, company executives, business managers and journalists are some of the important people with whom marketers have to communicate often. Successful marketing professionals must have good listening and understanding skills in order to meet marketing goals.

Must Have Technological Skills

Internet and social networking are fast becoming essential business tools to effectively promote business. Marketing professionals must be tech savvy and know how to promote their products and services through social media. The online mode of communication is emerging to be a successful business venture for most organizations. The internet helps a company stay ahead in competition and promote products and services easily.

Ability to carry out effective Market Research

A successful marketing professional must have good knowledge about the product to be marketed and for this he/she requires skills to carry out excellent market research. Through effective market research, marketing professionals get a clear idea about consumer’s reaction regarding presentation of previous products. Marketing professionals are then able to determine how well their product can be presented to consumers.

Must Develop Team Spirit

Team spirit is yet another essential quality required by marketing professionals. They must be able to work effectively in a team and share tasks, which will result in improved performance and success of a business.


James Harrison works as freelance writer. he regularly contributes write ups to business websites and blogs with most of his writings based on tips for small business setups, business moves and marketing techniques. In his free time he plays sports mainly soccer and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and traveling.

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