How To Use Twitter Properly

Twitter has taken the world by storm, all the major news channels, celebrities and businesses now have accounts. Then there are the individuals and Internet Marketers who are spending massive amounts of time "Tweeting". I thought I would use this Blog to address the latter and offer advice on "How To Use Twitter Properly" for the average user.

* Provide solid information with each of your Tweets, such as Top New Stories, Discounts at Restaurants, Fun Pictures and Interesting Dialogue.

* Find people who share similar interests to you with Search Twitter or Twellow.

* Make new friends, talk to them on phone, meet them live for coffee of happy hour.

* Imagine you are at party or business mixer. Social Networking is like a virtual event.

* Put your best foot forward and be yourself

Now, for those of you Internet Marketers who are chomping at the bit thinking Twitter is going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. I have a news flash for you!!! 90% of the people think you are spamming them. I follow many Internet Marketers and have been pitched and approached by every get-rich-quick scheme or new MLM venture. Don't get me wrong, there is a way to promote your business but not with an opt in e-mail landing page on the very first Tweet. Below is my advice on how Twitter can work for you.

* DON'T pitch your business as your Twitter profile, Auto Direct Message and Tweets.

* Do follow people who you feel may be a potential client for your business opportunity

* Provide information regarding your product in a blog, article or press release.

* When you start establishing yourself as a Leader in your industry, the curiosity of most humans will eventually lead them to your signature or business opportunity.

* Create a personal website or blog for yourself and make that your Twitter profile

* Be available, answer your Direct Messages and @ replies.

* Twitter and Facebook are the new version of List Building. People are tired of getting spam e-mails. With Social networking, your new clients are finding you because you are interesting and a leader in your field.

* Who wants to follow and learn from someone that is not a Leader?

That's all for now. Next Month I will provide the best system to build your Twitter following.


My name is James Hickey and I am one of the top leaders in the Internet Marketing industry for Businesses. I provide my clients with a proven Internet Marketing Plan for Retail Businesses. I also created the Internet Marketing Training Center in January 2011 to train individuals to become Internet Marketing Consultants.

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