Using Social Media As A Way To Advertise

Some people want to use social media as a way to advise. It is often more inexpensive to use social media then the paper advertising. It saves on trees too. When you use the social media websites, first you want to get peoples trust and build a relationship. You don’t just build your followers and than bombard them with your sale pitch. People are looking to get more out of friends. They don't want to be bugged. They will delete you as their friends if you bug them.

A good way to build trust with your followers is to post interesting facts. Post something new that you learned. If you only post gimmicks, you will turn off your followers.

If you give away useful information, followers will continue to follow. Being different by giving and not expecting something in return is the way to be. In marketing everyone expects something. They think that because they are on social website that they can bug you with their goods. People see this all the time and now they grow tired of it. Give them something that they aren’t use to. A freebie….. Image something for free.

Let people see that you are knowledgeable in your business. Let people know that you are the solutions to their problems. Let them know that they can turn to you at any given moment. If people like you or find you interesting, they will follow you. They will want to do business with you.

James Hickey

Master Business Consultant


My name is James Hickey and I am one of the top leaders in the Internet Marketing industry for Businesses. I provide my clients with a proven Internet Marketing Plan for Retail Businesses. I also created the Internet Marketing Training Center in January 2011 to train individuals to become Internet Marketing Consultants.

I am expert in all aspects of Internet Marketing, including Lead Generation, Google Ad...

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