Why B2B Needs SEM

Unless you are familiar with B2B, you probably don't think about how businesses do business with other businesses. It is not much unlike the way vendors and consumers interact. In fact, a business becomes the consumer when searching for services from another business. So, how do they seek the services of other businesses? They employ the most efficient way to find products and services: on the Internet.

The implementation of search engine marketing will help your business not only be found by non-business-related consumers but by other businesses as well. The difference in attracting the two populations is the former can afford the opportunity in making their decisions more quickly, while there may be several members of personnel involved in the purchasing decision for the latter.

The Proof-

Enquiro.com conducted a study entitled, "The Role of Search in Business to Business Buying Decisions" which involved 1500 participants and 40 questions. The results produced some convincing numbers in relation to how search engine marketing can benefit your business:

- 93.2 percent of respondents said they would conduct their research online when making B2B purchases.

- 95.5 percent of participants said they would use a search engine during the process

- 63.9 percent stated they would use a search engine rather than consumer review sites, e-commerce sites, manufacturer's sites, and industry portals

- 86.9 percent said they would use search engines after their budget permitted them to begin the search at manufacturer's sites and industry portals

What the results infer-

The results of the report indicate that search engines play a premier role in B2B purchases. As of now, Google seems to be the search engine of choice for most businesses. Participants reported that their search takes place about two months before a final decision and purchase is made.

While paid advertising will increase the chances of making a sale, about 70 percent of conversions are due to organic search results. Positioning plays a major factor because 60 percent of consumers click on the first three listings and most do their clicking within the first few seconds of viewing a results page.

What SEO/SEM can do for you-

SEO/SEM service providers will help your business rank higher on search engines, in turn greatly increasing the chance of becoming noticed and making a conversion.

Search engine marketing is not like other types of marketing because it involves user-originated behavior. Businesses are not using intrusive methods of marketing such as phone calls or e-mails; SEO involves making your business more apparent when a potential buyer is looking to make a purchase pertaining to specific keywords.

When other businesses and other potential consumers are searching for the right service provider will your business be on the front lines? SEO/SEM service providers are willing to make sure that happens.

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