Is everyone else getting wealthy off your efforts except you?

Are you the proverbial nice guy who refuses payment even though you went miles out of your way to help out? Have people told you, you are too nice for your own good?

If so you may be a compulsive people pleaser—but did you know that that can be a socially acceptable form of self-abuse? If this is you, you probably need help!

Think about the last time you knew you should be charging more, but instead, sold yourself for less. What were the consequences?

Here are some possibilities:

* You tired yourself out.

You accepted less than you are worth, so you have to earn more tomorrow, never catching up on yourself.

* You belittled your value.

You gave your customer an extra dose of time. You gifted them with a portion of your life, belittling the value you place on your life. Your time is your life.

* You devalued your worth.

You gave away free information. You undermined the value of your intellectual property or special skills that you invested time and money acquiring and developing.

* You exposed your lack of wealth consciousness.

You demonstrated your ignorance of or disdain for the power of money to accumulate, and compound, over time. The money you didn’t make this time can’t be put to work for you until you’ve earned it.

* You made it harder for yourself next time.

You denied yourself the chance to acknowledge your self-worth and you taught others to undervalue you. You signaled to your customer your availability to be exploited. “Here I am, going cheap! Be my guest—help yourself to the profits.”

* You reinforced your own doubts about your self-worth, digging yourself deeper into the rut.

Think about what you are doing when you sell yourself short: What do you have to gain by charging less than you are worth?


Jane Francis is the author of ‘Price Yourself Right: A guide to charging what you are worth’ [ISBN 0-595-38601-6] which is available at Barnes & Noble (US), WH Smith (UK) and at You can read more at her blog:

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