A Daring Adventure

One of my favourite quotes is “life is a daring adventure or it is nothing” by Helen Keller. This is my personal theme for the year, so look out world we are in for some adventure.

What is a daring adventure for you? Is it heli skiing in the Rockies, backpacking in Nepal or taking an African safari? Not all of us can enjoy the extravagance of these vacations but we can add more adventure to our lives closer to home.

• Try some new food and spice up your life literally

• Change your hair colour or style, wear your fun clothes

• Take some dance lessons – latin dancing is a blast, belly dancing is great if you want some giggles and how about ballroom dancing if you want to show off

• Write – leave a legacy for your family or give your sweetheart a poem

• Try new things at work – apply for that promotion

• Entertain – throw a party and pick a theme

• Learn something new – have you always wanted to learn Spanish now may be the time

• Change your routine – take a different route to work, rearrange your furniture

• Volunteer to help others – you never know who you might meet or what you might learn

• Start your own business – have you always been waiting for the right time

• Paint – a friend and I got together recently and threw paint on a canvas. Was it fun – you bet it was.

• Play road hockey with the kids

• Use the good china – light the candles, make everyday special

I challenge you to try ten new things this month. Does that seem impossible? You will never know until you get started. You may not be great at any of these things but you will feel alive. Keep trying new things and you will never be bored and no one will ever say you are boring.

One of the things I always tell clients is, to change your life you will have to step outside your comfort zone. It may not always be very comfortable but this is where change happens. Keep doing the same things and you will get the same results!

Most of you I am sure have seen the movie Titanic at least once. There is a great scene at the end of the movie that can be an inspiration to all of us. Rose looks at all the photos and the treasured memories of her life and recalls all of the adventures and joy she has experienced with the satisfaction of a connoisseur

What is it you will celebrate? What do you want to experience and accomplish before you leave this earth? None of us know how much time we have so make every minute count. There will never be a better time, what are you waiting for? Get started now! “I dare you to live the life of your dreams!”

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