Divorce Expectations

If you or one of your friends or family members are in the divorce process there are some things you should know. Divorce strikes many. You are not alone. Others too have gone through many of the same challenges. Research has shown that there are some identifiable stages in the process of divorce.

The first stage is often referred to as the Denial Stage. The “this can’t be happening to me stage”. You may feel numb, feel nothing, tired and just want to sleep, crying, pretend it’s not happening, wait for your partner to return, hold on to hope.

Stage 2, reality begins to set in. You may feel angry and blame the other person, be depressed, overwhelmed and very emotional.

Stage 3, Reorganizing. You may be starting to accept becoming single, settle the property issues, decide custody and access arrangements for the children. This is the stage to make sounder decisions.

State 4, Acceptance. You begin to look forward and start moving on, post divorce life, self reflection, ownership and self acceptance of your role in the marriage breakup.

If you are in Stage 3 and ready to reorganize and your spouse is in stage 1 or 2 chances are negotiations will not go well.

Divorce can mean the loss of home, dreams, lifestyle and extended family. It can also have a huge impact on relationships, finances, friendships and health. Divorce can be compared to riding a roller coaster. There can be many ups and downs and tight curves. How do you manage this?

Working with a coach or therapist can help to keep the emotions out of your lawyer’s office. There is a new approach to divorce. It’s collaborative, bringing a group of professionals together to work as your divorce team.

Working together to reach equitable financial solutions, to lower the stress, lessen the legal time, create better parenting plans, happier kids, establishing new relationship as co-parents, learning from mistakes. These are just some of the benefits. What are your divorce expectations?

To know more about working with a coach contact Coach Jane at info@awesomecoaching.com Coach Jane Schnurr coaches business leaders and individuals to pursue their dreams and live an awesome life.

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