4 Tips For Successful Affiliate Marketing

No one knows affiliate marketing like Rosalind Gardner! In an interview with me for Wonderful Web Women, Rosalind shared some amazing tips for becoming successful as an affiliate marketer based on her own experience and success of earning over $30,000 per month selling other people's products.

If you would like to start an online business, but don't have products of your own to sell - affiliate marketing is a great place to get started. Not only can you get up and running affordably, but you can have your website online and make your first sale in the very same day - just like Rosalind did when she promoted a dating website back in 1997! Here are some tips for successful affiliate marketing that will help you start out on the right path from day one:

Spend Some Time Creating Your Web Site

Rosalind suggested that you should spend some time getting your website set up just the way you want it; and have it look the way you would want it to look if you were going to buy something online that your site offered. If you don't have a ton of web design skills, you can quite easily set up a blog - either using Word Press or another system, to help you manage your content.

Test The Site With Pay Per Click Advertising

Using pay per click advertising is a great way to test your website or blog to see how it is "converting". In other words, once you have some content on your site (product reviews with your affiliate links that take your site visitors to the company website to make their purchases), you can spend a specific amount of money to test it out. Set up a $20 budget or a $100 budget, to see how much it costs (how many clicks to your site) to get a sale. If things don't convert as high as you'd like (if you don't have as many sales as you want) you can spend time tweaking and adjusting your content so that you do get higher conversions.

Focus on Business Longevity

Many new internet marketers get caught up in making a ton of sales in record time. What you should be focusing on, though, is operating your business so that you are in business for a long time. Rosalind shares with us that the best way she knows to ensure the longevity of your business is to always do everything with integrity. If you are reviewing products, do so honestly and don't just say what you think will make people buy. People will learn to trust your words and over time that will last a lot longer than the people who say what they think buyers want to hear just to get a sale. Being an honest person will create relationships with your readers and site visitors and in turn - build trust that helps people know they can buy the items you're recommending.

Forget the "Keyword" Hype!

What may come as a surprise to many people is that Rosalind recommends you ignore all the gossip and information provided by companies regarding how to get your site at the top of search engines with keyword placement and keyword stuffed articles. Instead, she recommends making sure that whatever you are writing about is mentioned in the title of your blog post or article; and then just write the rest naturally. You'll naturally use the words related to your topic as you write - and there is no reason to put the words in specific places throughout the article or blog post. You are going to get the same result - and even better, you won't get black listed by search engines that determine your keyword stuffed content is not useable to internet users!


Janet Beckers is the host and founder of Wonderful Web Women. An award winning on-line community recognised for generous and honest marketing advice for women (and enlightened men) on the internet. To learn from the most successful women on the internet through live webinars, masterminds and forums absolutely free, visit http://www.WonderfulWebWomen.com and join today.

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