A Website Is More Than A Shopping Cart

I had the pleasure of interviewing Christina Hills "The Shopping Cart Queen" in a live tele-seminar for Wonderful Web Women. Christina is the world expert on using the internet marketer's most popular shopping cart solution 1shoppingcart.

I asked Christina what were the most important things people should consider when setting up a shopping cart on their web site. Her answer showed why she has earned her reputation as an authority on using this software not just to set up a shopping cart but to build a strong business.

Think beyond the shopping cart

When you are considering a shopping cart for your website, you have to consider so much more at the same time. Shopping carts on websites are more than simply a way to take payments online. You have to consider the number one source of your potential income, which are your customers. Your customers are directly responsible for what you do or not make as far as income with your website.

The one thing you have to expect, no matter how great your website is, is that typically the first time a potential customer visits your website, they are not likely to make a purchase. You have to work to earn their trust. There are several ways you can do that, however, and the very first thing you have to do is "know" your customers.

Get in touch with your feminine side

Women are known for their relationship skills and for making friendships and lasting impressions, right? Having a website and catering to customers is no different! So approach your business from your feminine side! The best way you can know your customers is to implement some sort of method of capturing their email addresses and names so that you can get to "know" them, or rather, they can get to know you, by sending out emails regularly.

Now, your potential customers are not just going to give up their name and addresses. The truth is that people have become less trusting of websites and business owners, through no fault of our own, but simply because there are many people out there who take advantage of methods like these. However, if you really offer a value to your customers, they will be more than willing to give you their information in exchange for some information.

Give before you receive

That information should be helpful, informative, and tasteful. They should never be random messages, they should also never been intruding, nor should you ever sell their information to anyone. You have to offer your potential customers a real value. This could be reports, newsletters, and the like. If you offer such great value in return for visitors joining your mailing list, you will have no problem enticing them to fill in their contact details in the opt,in box you place on your web site. Then the relationship begins.

Impress them with your (targeted) knowledge

Your very first step however, should be more than the fabulous information you are going to offer through your mailing list. Your website should also be filled with informative information as well, not simply products you are trying to sell. Your customers need to get to know you, learn about you, and come to trust your expertise in your niche.

We are talking about articles here. Real articles, which are packed with helpful information that is based specifically on your niche. In other words, if you are selling designer purses, you will want to keep your articles based on designer purses, such as specific designers, hot fashions, what's in and what's not, and so on. It is important to keep on target and gain the trust of your visitors.

Invest in relationships and you invest in your business

Once your visitors come to trust you, they are that much more willing to start buying from you. Earn their trust, gain their information, and start offering great sales, products, and information via email.

When you look at your web site and shopping cart system from this angle you realize that selling is more about relationships than about having a system set up to take the money. As Christina shared, the time you take to create trust and a relationship with visitors to your web site, the more you will be rewarded in the long - run with great sales.


Janet Beckers is the host and founder of Wonderful Web Women. An award winning on-line community recognised for generous and honest marketing advice for women (and enlightened men) on the internet. To learn from the most successful women on the internet through live webinars, masterminds and forums absolutely free, visit http://www.WonderfulWebWomen.com and join today.

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