Another Great Tool To Test The Potential Of Your Ideas

An excellent tool that is used by most marketers is Word Tracker. You can sign up for free which will tell you how many people search on your topic in a limited number of search engines. It will also give you an excellent list of other words that people also search on, and allows you to really drill down and look for niches within your topic.

You can get a monthly or yearly subscription but what I usually use is the short term subscription for 1 week. This costs less than $30 and is plenty of time for you to have a big blitz on research on all your topics. Even if you don't plan on creating products on each of these topics yet, you will be emailed reports on each topic which you can save for later.


One of the most useful features on Word Tracker is what they call K.E.I. This is a technical sounding name, but what it really means is that they can look at how popular your keyword is, look at how many other sites there are that are competing for the same traffic for that keyword, and then give you a number that will give you an idea if your keyword will be a goer or not.

So, if you have a keyword that heaps of people search on and there is very little competition, you will get a really high K.E.I. which is a good thing (they tell you on the report page which numbers are good and what numbers are bad).

As you would expect, if you had the same keyword which is popular, but heaps of other websites competing for attention, you will get a much smaller K.E.I. number - which is a bad thing.

Just one point though. Just because a keyword has a high K.E.I. in Word Tracker does not always mean it is worth pursuing. Have a look at the raw numbers. There may be a reason there is no competition as the numbers of people searching on that term may be so low that you will have very few customers anyway, even if there is no competition. I still find this a really useful tool to use.


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