Build A Huge Responsive List the Quick and Easy Way

Online business is all about building lists so that you can effectively market to them time and again for the sole purpose of increasing your own income. Firstly, you need to build a relationship and you can do this by applying these two very simple techniques.

• Article Marketing

• Giveaway Events

Article Marketing

No doubt you have heard of article marketing, but for those of you that haven’t, the secret lays in writing an effective Resource Box that will catch the eye of every reader, making them want to visit your website for the purpose of picking up your free offer.

Within the context of your article the idea would be to talk about the product you want your reader to collect after they have finished reading your article. This, of course is done by building anticipation and interest in your product through using words that build on curiosity.

This in turn will drive the reader to your website for the specific purpose of leaving their email details prior to collecting your free product once they finish reading your article. They can learn where they need to go to collect their free gift, through the use of your Resource Box.

Your Resource Box should be straight to the point, briefly giving details about your area of expertise, the product you are promoting and your website address.

Giveaway Events

Giveaway Events is a strategy that is being used more and more in recent times. The sole purpose of a giveaway event is to build your list, or in other words, your data base.

This is done by using free products as gifts through the technique of email marketing. Within your email you would address the subject of how the product you are giving away will benefit your readers. The idea is to peak their interest, without giving away so much that your reader would not see any need to actually go and download the product.

Quite often an OTO, also known as a one time offer, is used as a method to create urgency and scarcity so that your browsers would be more inclined to visit the site for the purpose of collecting their gift. By telling your readers that the gift you are offering is a OTO, they feel as though they are going to ‘miss out’ on something if they don’t visit right away. Once again the end result is that you have been successful in building your list.


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