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I had the honour recently of interviewing Evelyn Tian. Evelyn is a Singaporean woman living in Australia. She shared a story that started with volunteering to pack and send envelopes for the 2000 Olympics Committee here in Australia 10 years ago. That simple act of giving lead to an amazing trail of events that lead to her becoming the African Attache for the Olympics and Para-Olympics. This started Evelyn on an incredible journey to Africa for 6 months where she worked with disabled women and children, introducing wheelchair sports and fund raising for home made wheelchairs. She is now working toward helping disabled orphans in Africa.

Evelyn has an amazing ability to extend her networks and offer people the opportunity to share her journey. As she said, many people want to help but just don't know how. One of the biggest things I got from Evelyn's interview was the power of creating strong relationships and actively using your network to achieve huge goals while changing the lives of others for the better. Evelyn now helps individuals develop these strong relationships for personal growth as well as business growth. Here is the framework Evelyn shared with us to develop strong relationships:


L is for "Listening": So often we don't take the time to really listen to what people are asking and saying. Concentrate on actively listening for a strong relationship.

O is for "Overlook Little Faults": It is often small things that people do wrong that can really damage a relationship. Do you ever find yourself building resentment over things people have done, or resent yourself because of something you have done wrong? Forgive these things and the loss of resentment will open up real opportunities in a relationship.

V is for "Voice": Speak up and learn to say NO. You will respect yourself more and those you have a relationship with will respect you further as well.

E is for "Effort": This is the difference between people who have great ideas and people who create success. You must make the effort to succeed in life and in your relationships.

I hope Evelyn's story inspires you to look at your relationships, both personal and business and see what changes can be made by approaching your relationships with L.O.V.E.


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