Clarity on Your Needs and Your Life Purpose

I had the pleasure of Interviewing Beth Davis, The Hand Analyst, in my role as host of Wonderful Web Women. Beth has a unique approach to getting clarity on your life purpose and also your business and marketing message. I'd like to share just a few of the incredible skills she shared with us today on getting clarity in your business and then also how to get clarity on your customers' needs.

Clarity On Your Needs And Your Life Purpose

Beth discovered Hand Analysis when she had tried without success many techniques to get clarity on her passions and life purpose. The changes in her life were so dramatic she devoted herself to learning and mastering the techniques until the results were reliable and predictable. She now teaches others to do the same.

Beth's advice on clarity for yourself:

1. Get a hand analysis. It doesn't have to be from her, just get one!

2. Passion. This is essential for success. Beth's specialty is helping you discover your passion.

3. Day Dream. Give yourself permission to day dream. This is essential to visualising your goals

4. Be patient. Many people give up on their dreams before they eventuate. Keep faith in your dreams

5. Think big. Most people shrink their dreams to fit their income. It must be the other way around!

6. Ask yourself and the universe "What will I do in exchange for money to achieve my dreams and live my purpose?"

Clarity On Your Customer's Needs

It is essential you are clear on your own purpose before you grow your business. Don't assume you know what your customers want and are willing to pay. Here is a fool proof way to get clarity on your client's needs. Beth does this every 3 months.


I know, it sounds obvious but what do you ask them?

It is important to not be too limiting in your questions as you will lose the gems. Here are Beth's suggested questions:

1. What is your greatest pain you would do anything to solve? (You can clarify this, such as what is your greatest problem with your niche, such as finances, pets etc)

2. How would your life be different if you solved this problem?

How do you ask them?

1. If you only have a few people, send an email or just ask them in person

2. If you have more than a handful, use a service such as Survey Monkey. (I've used this. It is great and free for less than 100 responses. I also use Ask Database) The information you get simply by asking these specific questions is incredibly powerful and will be the basis for your business. If you solve people's pain, you have guaranteed success.


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