Copywriting For the Female Market

Did you know that women make over 80% of the buying decisions (even of products we think of as male) yet the sales copy techniques commonly used were developed in the 1920's when women weren't the buyers?

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero has rewritten the recipe and she shared this with me on a recent interview.

Here is Lorrie's recipe for adapting your sales letters to appeal to the female buyer:

The important thing to know is that the way sales letters are traditionally written works. We do not have to rewrite the guide book. For example, you still need to have a great headline and a good offer. You still need to state the problem, show you understand it and then offer a solution (you). And like it or not, long sales letters work better than short IF you follow the steps below.

1. Appeal to both sides of the brain:

Men tend to think in a linear way and make decisions faster. Women tend to use both sides of the brain equally and take many factors into consideration. We tend to want more information before we make a buying decision. We take longer to win over as a customer but when won, we tend to be very loyal. Of course, these are exceptions to the rule but these differences between the way men and women think hold true.

So the lesson here? Give women the facts. Provide info in a variety of ways (dot points, audio, stories, information boxes, video). We need enough information to make an informed decision rather than hype. Can you see now, why long sales letters are necessary?

2. Use metaphors:

Women use both sides of the brain and think in terms of stories and relationships. So use a lot of metaphors in your sales copy. Tell stories.

3. Use graphics:

Boring pages where just the words sell have become the accepted best-practice recently. The thought is that nothing should distract from the words. This does not work for women. It is important to reinforce your message with great graphics.

4. Be authentic:

If you are yourself and honest, women will be loyal customers. If you are not authentic and try to make it, women will sniff it out quickly and you'll never see them again.

So lose the hype, empty promises and trying to copy the voice of others. Be yourself.

5. Write to a very specific person

Lorrie mentioned the concept of a TARGET. She recommends you research your target customers well and then create a very detailed profile of one person. So, you give them a name, age, occupation, interests, marital status, income etc. This is the person you are writing to in everything you do. This will make your writing so much more genuine and authentic.

6. Don't use male language

Don't use words such as win, compete, destroy, dominate, bullet-proof etc. Women do not respond to competitive language and the language of conflict. Use inclusive, relationship building words.

7. If you contribute to the world, let them know

If you make the world a better place either through the way you do business, your product or by contributing, let women know. Studies have shown that women place priority on community and social issues. But remember, if you don't or you just do token contributions, don't claim you do something you don't. You'll lose loyalty quickly.

You know what I like about this approach to copywriting? It is high in integrity and treats the customer with respect. That is probably why using these techniques increases your success with the female buyer, but doesn't turn men off.


Janet Beckers is the host and founder of Wonderful Web Women. An award winning on-line community recognised for generous and honest marketing advice for women (and enlightened men) on the internet. To learn from the most successful women on the internet through live webinars, masterminds and forums absolutely free, visit and join today.

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