How To Create & Sell e-Books for Passive Income - Guaranteed

If your dream is to make money while you sleep, one of the easiest ways is by selling e-books and no one better to learn from than Daryl Grant. I had the pleasure of interviewing Daryl in my role as the host and founder of Wonderful Web Women. Daryl very generously shared with us the details of her system of creating and selling e-Books online to generate passive income.

You can't turn a jalopy into a sports car

During the interview, Daryl made it clear to us that you "can't turn a jalopy into a sports car, you have to have the sports car first." What in the world does she mean by that and what can it possibly have to do with creating and selling ebooks? Daryl says that many people approach her and say they've written a book and can she help them sell it online? It actually makes her cringe, because the first step to successfully selling ebooks is not the writing of the book- you have to do some market research to know whether or not there is a need for the book and to decide whether or not it will sell.

6 steps to know if your e-book will sell, before you write it!

Using a 6 step checklist process that Daryl and her husband Andrew Grant have fined tuned over the years and share with anyone who wants to learn- you can actually determine if a topic is going to sell enough e-books to be profitable before you invest time or much money on the creation of the product! Basically, it guarantees your success and is the foundation of Daryl's successful e-book business earning her money even while she and her husband are playing with the kids, spending time in a Gold Coast, Australia high rise apartment, or sleeping!

How to know exactly how much money you will make

Once you have a topic that meets the criteria of the 6 step checklist, you can conduct what Daryl refers to as the "survey site". Using this survey site and Google Adwords, you test what the expected conversion rate for sales would be once your book is up and running.

The beauty of it is, it only costs you about $100; and in return you find out how many people click on your site based on your Google Ads, and how many people are interested in the topic based on the number of responses a form gets! Using the responses, not only do you see what your sales conversion should be; but you also can figure out what sorts of information people want to read about in your e-book. That basically takes the guesswork out of knowing what to write, doesn't it?

7 ways to write an e-book, without writing a word

Armed with this valuable information, Daryl tells us that you have several options for getting your e-book created. Obviously, you can sit down and write it yourself but if you're like many people, that might sound impossible! So Daryl recommends using a website called rentacoder to post a project and get writers to "bid" for the work as one way to have it written, or to hire a ghostwriter directly as another way. There are about 7 different ways Daryl uses to have her e-books created, and only one way actually involves Daryl writing the book herself!

The final word

Once you have your book written, then it's time to make some money. Daryl uses Clickbank as a payment processor and creates simple one-page web sites with a sales letter to sell her books. She then uses Google Adwords to start earning money automatically and passively.

Daryl shared with the members of Wonderful Web Women the story of how she and her husband Andrew followed this step by step system to earn over $250,000 USD in their first year on-line. And she still can't make a website, and doesn't need to.

Of course this is only a fraction of what Daryl shared with us but even with this introduction you have enough information to get started. So I challenge you. Start a list of ideas that you think would make great e-books and do your research to see if people are searching for this information and if there is any competition. Who knows, you may have the start of a best seller!


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