How To Set Up A Giveaway Event - Building Your Mailing List Quickly

Giveaway events are a great way to quickly build a mailing list. You have some options too - you can either join an existing giveaway event as a contributor, or you can set up your own and both organize it and contribute to it.

Contributors provide digital items - including ebooks, audio files, manuals and similar products, for free download to individuals who attend the giveaway event and supply their email addresses. When someone enters their email address, they are given access to the downloads for the products of their choice. Contributors then quickly build a mailing list of names from the people who request the free product downloads.

The first thing you need is the main web page that describes your event. It is on this page that site visitors would know that if they sign up for the giveaway event for free, they will gain access to many pages of free products from various internet marketers and contributors. As the organizer of the event - you will benefit from gaining the email address of every single person who wants to view the products available for free download!

Each contributor will have their own page linked from the membership area - which is the page people are directed to when they've joined the giveaway event by entering their email address. At this point, they can browse the pages of all the contributors, and if they decide they want a product from someone - they enter their email address again. This allows contributors to build a mailing list, as well!

How does the giveaway event website get site visitors in the first place? We all know that a website is only as good as the amount of targeted traffic it receives! In order to be a contributor to a giveaway event, you have to agree to promote the event to the best of your ability. So if you are organizing the giveaway event, you would want each of your contributors to announce the event and the website to their current mailing lists, in their email signatures, and in any way possible. Some events will have requirements about only letting people with certain size mailing lists join as contributors, while others will allow everyone to become a contributor as long as they agree to promote to the best of their ability. As the organizer of the event, that's a decision you have to make.


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