How To Use a Book To Build Your Mailing List

One of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to build your Mailing List is by using the promotional strategies of book reviews. On the internet there are a number of places you can visit for the sole purpose of selecting books that you can promote to your mailing list. One of these places is Clickbank.

Firstly you need to join yourself as an affiliate member of Clickbank. This automatically entitles you to a % commission for each book that you successfully promote, culminating in a sale.

By conducting book reviews you are providing a valuable service to your mailing list because it will save them copious amounts of time searching for information on subjects that are relevant to their business.

When you visit places such as Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay you are usually able to review the first chapter of a book as well as the Chapter Outline giving you complete information in which you can then conduct a review for your Mailing List.

The secret to success in using your Mailing List in this way is to give your readers information that is complete, but not so complete that it hasn’t left them wondering what else is contained within the pages of that book which would be useful to them. You do this by writing in such a way that you create teasers, which means you leave your reader wanting more.

Once the reader opts in to collect a copy of the book, by clicking on the link you have provided within your email, it is your affiliate link that will be associated with their purchase thus increasing your income and at the same time building your list.

Another way you can build your list is by creating a very simple website of your own whereby you advertise the product you want to promote with provision for your browsers to opt-in, leaving their details prior to collecting their book. They will then be taken to a thank you page where they will be asked to confirm their details before they can collect their book. Once they have done that a link is provided and availability of their product is instantaneous.

These two simple strategies are both effective and honest ways to assist your readers in a valuable manner whilst you continue to build a lucrative business with an ever increasing list of people you can market to time and again.

At the same time you will be continuing to build a relationship with those that are subscribed to your list. Your credibility as someone who is reliable in providing accurate information as well as quality products will also increase over time and in turn, as time progresses your readers will come to trust you implicitly making it more likely that they will continue to purchase based upon your recommendations.


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