How to Write the Perfect Resource Box & Articles that Get Noticed

When you use article directories like or, you have the ability to enter an "author's resource box" at the end of each article. Believe it or not, how you put together your resource box plays a very important role in whether or not people click on links to see the author's website - which is the whole purpose of distributing articles in article directories in the first place! I have had the pleasure to interview Kristi Sayles, creator of over 24 software programs, including Article Creator Pro. Kristi explained how to write the perfect resource box to successfully distribute your articles and market your website and/or products.

The purpose of the resource box is not just to say that you wrote the article. People use article directories in order to promote their website or product. The idea of the resource box is to encourage people who have read your article to want to click on a link in your resource box to either learn more, get something related to the topic of the article for free, or find out more about this very interesting author!

If your resource box simply says, "Article written by Joe Smith, of", you can guarantee you are not going to get many people coming to your site from the distribution of that article! As Kristi says, you are distributing articles in order to get "eyeballs" on your site; and the real way to get the "eyeballs" looking at what you offer on your website is by writing the perfect resource box!

Here are the things every resource box MUST include to be effective:

* Author's name

* Website address using the full http:// URL so it becomes a clickable link

* Your Unique Selling Proposition (1 to 3 sentences that tell the reader about your special offer)

* Call to Action (tell visitor to visit your site and get a free gift)

The resource box on each of your articles also serves to create brand equity. As people notice more articles on the topic of interest written by you, you are generating a loyal following of readers that trust what you have to say. Trust is one of the most important aspects of any internet marketing venture, so creating that with your articles and "branding" is a wonderful way to promote and advance your website or product.

Before people ever get to that all important resource box though, they have to actually read your article! Kristi tells us what makes a "good article" that people will read, and her most valuable tip that she shares is that the headline of the article must make people want to read it. It's important that your article headline contains your main keyword in the first four words of the headline. Keep your article between 250 and 700 words (you don't want to have a novel-length article because no one will take the time to read it!)

If you follow the advice in this article for writing effective resource boxes and headlines that get noticed - you will start experiencing what free article marketing can do for promoting your site and products!


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