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On the call with Kirsty Dunphey, we discovered a variety of methods for marketing a website business – most of them almost entirely free! Here are some of her favorite ways of promoting her online businesses:

Encouraging Referrals

As people come to her website(s), they are encouraged to refer new people to the site, as well. Kirsty hosts prizes and contests for people who refer others and the result has been phenomenal. Almost all of the marketing for one of her membership based/subscription sites has been through word of mouth and referrals.

Write on A Variety of Blogs, Article Directories and Magazines

Getting your articles published on a variety of blogs that are all related to your website's topic is a great way to gain exposure and search engine optimisation for your site. Blog posts with links back to your own blog/site will contribute to the number of relative incoming links you have (links pointing to your site from other sites on similar topics) and give you a boost in the search results when people are searching for related keywords. It also offers readers a way to click from the article on another blog to find your own blog or website, and serves as a good traffic strategy.

When people start reading your articles and content on other websites or in magazines, they start to associate you as being an expert on the topic. You gain instant credibility.

Give People a Way to Sign Up

Whenever you are promoting an online business, you need to build a database that allows you to communicate long term with people who are interested in what you are offering. You know they are interested because they've entered their email address and/or other details into the form on your website indicating their interest! Set up a newsletter on a topic that will interest your target market, and invite website visitors to sign up to receive it.

Focus on Really Good Content

On both your website(s) and the newsletter or free items that you provide people, always focus on delivering good content that will be valuable to the people who make up your target market. You can also add in something fun, like trivia, to keep it interesting and give people something to look forward to.


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