The Chakra System

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel”. The Chakra system is the belief that the body has seven spinning wheels of energy from head to toe, and each wheel offers life lessons to advance our souls if we choose to uncover them. The Chakra's are mapped out in the palms of our hands.

The basic idea behind the magic of the ancient system of the Chakras is that you have an entire unified system, and once you understand how it works it will transform how you look at your entire world. You'll realize that nothing is separate from anything else and how you do one thing affects everything else that you do. If you’re out of alignment in your heart, the other Chakras could be spinning great guns. But if you have un-forgiveness in your heart, bitterness, resentment, it’s going to poison your mind and poison your body.

The First Chakra: Our Roots & Family

Our family consists of everyone we come into contact with and even the most independent person is really influenced by groupthink. This is often the biggest challenge you face when implementing your success plan for life. Focus on creating a “tribe” or family that resonates with who you really are and break free of the beliefs that cause you to conform while still maintaining the relationships nearest and dearest to you.

The Second Chakra: Creativity & Life Force

Fundamentally, this is the Chakra of creativity and love, which is where people partner with other energies. Sex, which is a physical manifestation of partnering, and then money itself, which is about the exchange of energy. So, in a nutshell when you put your creativity out in the world – provided you deal with the other Chakras – ideally you give it in exchange for money and money is a measure of value. It’s an exchange of energy.

The Third Chakra: Intuition

This Chakra is what gives us those gut feelings - it’s where your intuition lives. It's about developing a healthy relationship with yourself and honoring your commitments to yourself. The challenge of this is that people betray themselves and identifying self-betrayal is essential to spiritual and financial empowerment. The lessons of this third Chakra teaches that we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

The Fourth Chakra: The Realm of Your Heart

The energy of the heart is the greatest power in the world. The heart is the link between heaven and earth. It is the greatest power in the universe. Love is the great transformer and the heart is the key to unlocking the secret relationship between prosperity and your bliss, so you can stop putting your dreams on the back burner.

The Fifth Chakra: Your Message

It’s essential to discover your message and get it out to a larger audience. A person’s personal, passionate message is actually built into your physiology, because your very own body holds the key to what makes you call out with joy and proclaim that message far and wide.

The Sixth Chakra: Decision Making

The ability to create wealth is understanding the power of a single decision and that a single decision can change your life. The thoughts you think are created by the experiences you encounter in all the other learning areas of the Chakras, and when you harness the power of your thoughts and fully understand their roots – go back to the other Chakras – you’ll never look at these thoughts in quite the same way again.

The Seventh Chakra: Connection with the Heavens

The seventh Chakra is where our physical body connects with the heavens.

If you want to be an expert in your field you have to decide (the sixth Chakra) that you’re going to be that expert and you have to be open to inspiration (the seventh Chakra) and then step into that expert role using your self confidence (the third Chakra) – the passion in your heart, (the fourth Chakra) while using your ability to communicate (the fifth Chakra) You have to use all these different parts of you and be that person and when you actually claim it, manifestation happens almost instantly.


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