The Four Components To a Successful Business

Christine Kloser believes there are four components necessary to the success of every business, and they are:

1. Make sure your business makes money

2. Make sure your business makes a difference

3. Make sure that your business allows you to be yourself

4. Make sure you have trust that there is a higher level working out the details of your divine plan

Christine has been criticized about how she makes her first component all about making money when she's talking about conscious entrepreneurship and business, but she knows from experience if you don't have a business that makes money along with the other three components - you are going to fail. Without profit, there is no business so anything else you try to do with the business won't work.

The second component necessary is all about making a difference. You can make a difference in other people's lives with the products or services you offer, and it's just as important that you draw a connection with yourself and your business in some way to making a difference to people.

The third component is that your business actually calls forth more of who you are for “real”. If you feel you have to hide something of yourself in your business, or put up a facade to be what you think other people want you to be – then it's not calling you to be more of yourself. Your business should allow you to express yourself as who you are instead of hiding behind something imaginary.

Finally, the fourth component of trusting there is something higher than you helping you work out the details is sort of along the lines of the Law of Attraction. You get what you give out.

Christine firmly believes that it requires all four of these components to create and sustain a successful business.


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