The Value of Branding

When a small entrepreneur understands what a brand really is, and learn to focus on Their business development from that angle, Then They will "grow up" to be The big businesses of The future. Big business that grows from The small entrepreneur standpoint are connected with The impact They have on Their customers and The world - but are finally operating from a place of power. All of this comes from having effective Branding for your business!

Entrepreneurs have The power to "create something from nothing". Because of that, an entrepreneur absolutely has The power to change The world.

Branding itself is a phrase that's generally misunderstood in The business world. Many people believe that Branding is simply having a good logo; or seeing your business on letterhead, pens or baseball caps. These may make up part of your company's brand, but They are not The brand itself.

If you were to close your eyes and think about The vision you have for your business. Think about what you are doing for your customers, and what you hope to do for your customers in The future. If you had everything at your fingertips, what is The biggest vision of your business you can muster up? Hold your hands out as if you're holding a watermelon between Them, and image that your entire vision of your business is being held within your hands. If you could walk up to a customer and "hand" Them this entire vision you've just placed in your hands - this is how you would most accurately and completely define Branding.

As Kim Castle of BrandU defines, "Branding is The precise and pinpointed communication of your company, your product or service, The Value it stands for and The feeling your customer consistently gets from it."

Establishing an effective brand is how you get your customers to feel good - and what keeps Them coming back to your business time and time again.


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