Using Your Heart and Soul in Business

Using your heart and soul is the best way to market your business. Oftentimes people feel that they have to use what is called the traditional “hard sell” to market their business. Most of the time, this approach is just simply against most peoples' nature to do anyway. Judith Shervin and Jim Sniechowski are a husband and wife psychologist team who have developed a way to use the “soft sell” approach to marketing.

Through their own research, they discovered that there was a void with offering people other ways of marketing which has resulted in them offering a Bridget Heart and Marketing Conference. They also offer an internet conference, which you can find at

We all understand what ROI (Return on Investment) means- you pay for something and you expect to benefit monetarily in return. However, Judy and Jim emphasize the “ROE” (Return on Experience). Often, we undervalue our services if the end result is not going to be monetary. But, Judy and Jim have come to the realization that that is not true. Of course you need to know your market and know about sales but even beyond that taking the time to connect and letting your customer get to know you has proven to be invaluable. The more you connect with your customer, letting them see who you are and that you are important to them, they will be more likely to buy into your product.

People often feel they need to market themselves against big business. If you are not big business, what they do will not fit your needs anyway. There are businesses out there where the “hard sell” is appropriate but if you feel uncomfortable with using this approach then most likely this type of marketing is wrong for your business. You don’t have to be tough to sell your product. No matter what you’re selling, a customer needs to feel comfortable with you. Using the “soft sell” is the perfect way to do that.


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