What Can a New Business Owner Outsource?

The biggest, most successful companies use the power of teams to get things done quickly and productively. As a small or new business owner, it can seem impossible to pay someone else to do things you could just do yourself - when you may be struggling to make ends meet already! You need to make a choice: never invest in anything because you simply don't have the money to do it (and therefore, your business will probably stay in that condition); or make the commitment to invest in the things that are going to move your business quickly into success!

The best thing you can do for your business is to leverage the power of teams. Melanie Benson Strick is a firm believer that in order to propel a business into success, you need to make use of virtual teams - and she demonstrates the power of that belief by helping businesses grow an average of 172% in their first year.

So how do you know what types of activities you should be outsourcing? You want to think about all of the activities you are currently doing within your business that takes up your time. As the business owner, your time is your most precious commodity- you can't get back time you spend on projects that you shouldn't be spending! Are you doing your own bookkeeping, research, or filing?

Make a list of everything you regularly do for your business, one task per line. To the left of each of the items you just wrote down, you will want to code them: put a heart next to the ones that you absolutely LOVE to do, put a diamond next to each of the tasks that you do that you are really good at, but that you may not consider to be something you love to do, and put a sad face next to the ones you absolutely hate to do.

When you are starting to outsource tasks, you should start by outsourcing anything that has a sad face next to it. If you continue to do these things yourself, you end up draining yourself of your energy and can quite quickly feel overwhelmed. How much time do you spend each week doing the tasks with the sad face? Outsourcing them will free up that many hours every single week, to give you more time to focus on the items you love to do, and the items that generate more income for your business. The additional time you have to spend on income-generating activities will result in additional money that will not only make it worthwhile to pay people to do those 'sad face' tasks; but help you grow your business faster. It is common for people to experience as much as a double-increase in profits within the first few months of outsourcing these tasks because you are no longer held down by the things that are physically and emotionally draining to you.

Outsourcing is not just for the big businesses- in fact, it is by outsourcing tasks that a small business can propel themselves into higher levels of success. Make use of teams and see what it does for your own business.


Janet Beckers is the host and founder of Wonderful Web Women. An award winning on-line community recognised for generous and honest marketing advice for women (and enlightened men) on the internet. To learn from the most successful women on the internet through live webinars, masterminds and forums absolutely free, visit http://www.WonderfulWebWomen.com and join today.

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