Why People Buy

One of the main questions I get asked is "How do I get people to come to my web site and buy my product?". It's a good question, but the wrong one! The question you need to ask first is "what product will people buy?"

Why People Buy

People tend to buy a product for either of these 2 reasons:

1. It gives a solution to a problem they have (and the easier the solution, the better)

2. It gives them pleasure (it's fun)

Today, let's concentrate on the first reason as it is perfect to build your internet business on.

Here are 2 really easy ways to find problems to solve

1. Simply send an email to people you know (or your list if you already have one started) and ask them one question. "Can you quickly reply to this email and tell me what is your biggest challenge/problem/frustration with XYZ (what ever the topic is you are interested in).

Pretty easy eh? You don't have to set up a complicated survey. I'm always surprised how many people respond when you make it quick and easy like this. Sometimes people just want a chance to talk and are happy you asked them.

2. If you intend to ask more than a handful of people this question, you need a system that will collect all the answers so you don't get overwhelmed with emails. But if you're like me, you don't want to spend ages doing it. Lately I've been using Ask Database and I love it. You can create a simple survey, complete with a web site for the survey to sit on, in literally a couple of minutes. Another program I have used is Survey Monkey which is also really good.

So give it a go. Once you have about 100 replies you will have enough information to confidently build a business around. Good luck.


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