You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine - Giving Away Products to Grow a Mailing List

If you're in the business to make money, why in the world would you ever consider giving things away for free? Believe it or not, giving away free items is a necessity in the world of internet marketing - and it really does help you establish a larger customer base than if you never gave anything away. Here's how it works!

You want to have a mailing list of people you can contact on a regular basis, with newsletters or announcements of products and/or services that they would like. The best way to build your mailing list, or to continuously add new people to your list is by giving away something of value. It's definitely important to give away something that is high quality, because it is often what people will judge you on - and decide whether or not to purchase anything else you have available.

What you need to do after creating an item to give away as a free download (this can be an ebook, audio product, or report - anything that can be downloaded), is create a three or four page website. On your first page, you're going to be describing the product they can get for free, the benefits of having it, what they can do with it, etc. On this page, you provide a sign up box - when someone enters their email address, they are then taken to a confirmation webpage.

The confirmation webpage basically tells the people to check their email accounts for an email from you that allows them to "confirm" their email address. This is so important! Not only does it mean they can't accuse you of 'spamming' them; but it means they have to provide you with a REAL email address and not a fake one that you can't send information to!

Once the users have confirmed their email address by clicking on a link you provide them in the confirmation email, they're taken to a "thank you" webpage. On this page, they can download their free product, and then you have the opportunity to sell them something else. It can be one of your products if you have them, or it could be a product that you are an affiliate for that you would earn commission on if you were to make any sales from your affiliate link.

This is a proven process that works for internet marketers and online businesses. It is also the basis for selling products online as well - because if you don't have a way to collect an email address with every sale, you are missing out on numerous opportunities for selling additional products to people you already know like what you have to offer!


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