Are your people providing STAR service?

Five categories of excellent customer service have been identified based on current theories of customer service. These categories comprise the five points on your Customer Service Star. 1. Feel Positively Toward Customers. Good customer service begins with a positive view of customers. Individuals who enjoy dealing with customers exhibit this attitude in their customer interactions.

2. Encourage Customer Feedback. In order to provide excellent service to customers, you must know what your customers need and want. Encouraging customers to provide you with both positive and negative feedback is crucial to fulfilling their needs.

3. Respond to Customer Problems. Making every effort to respond to customer's problems is an essential part of good customer service. A customer's problems can serve as an opportunity to improve overall customer service.

4. Develop Real Relationships. In order to develop real relationships, individuals should take positive actions, such as remembering names and keeping records of customers' personal needs.

5. Seek to Exceed Customer Expectations. The greatest opportunity to satisfy and retain customers is to find ways to exceed their expectations. Doing more than a customer expects makes that customer's experience a memorable one.

Set aside time with your staff to brainstorm ideas for how your team can improve in each of these 5 areas. Reward posistive performace based on those indicators and revisit your customer service expectations at least annually.


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