Retirement Planning

Retirement is something which is going to affect everyone, so whether you’re 24 or 64 this article could interest you. I’m going to cover the why’s and wherefores of retirement planning, so hope you will get some knowledge and perhaps some enjoyment out of it.

Planning for Retirement

Most people have some sort of idea in their mind as to what they are going to actually do once they stop work, whether it’s spending the kids inheritance by buying the most up-to-date RV and travelling around the country, or just relax and play more golf. Some say they never want to retire, that once they stop work they’ll fall in a heap, or die of boredom. Others hope for early retirement. But one thing’s for certain, we are all going to get to “retirement age” sooner or later.

Now, as most people probably realize, it is important to actually plan for this, and not only financially. It is a good idea to sit down, without your partner (if you have one) initially, and put some thought into making a list of things you personally would like to be able to do. Put it in writing, as these things will eventually become your goals. Once you’ve got your own thoughts on the matter sorted out, only then should you get together with your partner and pool your ideas. These form your draft list which you can go through every so often and modify or change or add to. You should put down the pros and cons plus how much each thing will cost, and when you would like to do it or have it done by.

The Financial Side of Things

In this section I’m not going into the calculation of how much in dollars you will need if you’re 24 or 44 and you want to retire at 64 – there are plenty of financial planners around who are far more qualified than I am to advise you.

However, nowadays everyone is far more aware of the amount of money they will need to have saved or in superannuation for them to be able to live the sort of lifestyle most people dream about. What if you haven’t got that sort of money though?

Presuming you have a reasonable ‘dream list’ which probably includes a few overseas holidays enjoying your new found freedom under a palm tree, you will need more than just the age pension to get by on. So you will be looking for a way to supplement your income in some way, without having to actually go backinternet to work for a boss.

Luckily for us, there is the internet, which means you could find some sort of online business you could work from home. If you do a search on Google, you will find any number of choices, so take your time and have a good look round. Do plenty of research because there are lots of “best systems” and “get rich quick” schemes out there. Look for one which will train and support you, plus gives you the opportunity of a residual income down the line.

Find the right internet business, and it will not only keep your mind active and lucrative income, but could well be the start of an early retirement.


The author is an internet marketer and entrepreneur who is not only achieving her own goals, but enjoys helping others achieve theirs. Go to to read some more useful articles to help you in your online business or go directly to her business website at to learn how Janet can help you


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