Tips On Writing An Easy-to-Read Article

Writing easy-to-read articles is one of the main things you need to be able to do when you start an online business, especially if you have a limited budget. Information is one of the main things that people are looking for on the internet, so learning not only how to write, but how to attract people to your article and keep them reading is super important, as you want them to reach your resource box, which is where your links will be for your readers to get to your actual website. If you follow the tips outlined below, you should end up with an article that is both informative and readable, and one that you can make some money from.

Formation of Your Article

If you format your article in the correct way, it makes the actual writing much easier.

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body of the article
  • Conclusion
1) Title

Try and make this eyecatching, something a little different to other articles on the same subject. The easiest way to check is by typing your title into a search engine. If someone is browsing through an article site, the title of yours needs to be compelling enough to create a desire in them to want to read it.

I normally decide on my main keyword before I write, it should be part of the title, and also in the first paragraph, as close to the beginning as possible.

2) Introduction

Basically, the introduction is telling your readers in 3 or 4 sentences what you're about to tell them!

3) Body of the Article

There is an actual format to this, which all helps in making it both an interesting and easy-to-read article.

Think of, say, 3 main points which you want to get across. You can then use these as sub-headings. Under each sub-heading write 3 - 5 sentences that supports each of the points and gives your readers relevant information on the subject. Don't forget to use keywords, but use them so they flow with the text, and are not just obviously ‘stuck in'!

4) Conclusion

This will be your last paragraph, and using 2 or 3 sentences, just sum up what your article is about; in other words what you've just told your readers.

And that's it! By keeping the sentences fairly short, having subheadings, using bullets and bold and/or italic fonts, it makes for an article which is not only informative but looks easy-to-read, and is more likely to keep your visitors reading down to the resource box.


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