Home Based Business Opportunities - An introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Although there are many genuine home based business opportunities online is wise to be aware of the fact that there are also many others will either be out and out scams. There should be a health warning on all opportunities available to warn the unsuspecting newbie of the dangers they are likely to encounter.

A good place for any newbie market to start is Affiliate Marketing. This is an excellent place not only to learn the tricks of the trade for very little outlay, but with the right approach it is possible to make money in a very short space of time. It isn't necessary to have your own product as there are many places on the internet where you can find products to sell that will pay you a good commission for the sale.

One of the good things about affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t require you to have your own product, especially in the early days when you are just starting out. Instead it is possible to use sites Clickbank that enable you to sell digital products that are registered on their site and receive a handsome commission for your trouble. Amazon is also a popular site for affiliates.

So easy is it to start an affiliate marketing business?

So where do you start?

• Most people have heard of keyword research, and although it is not something that online marketers relish it is nevertheless an essential part of affiliate marketing, especially if you want your home based business to get off to a good start. Is there is a market for the products you are interested in selling? Is it a warm market? Is it a seasonal market? What else do you need to be aware of?

• As well as knowing that there is a market for the products, you also need to find out about your competition. Have you chosen a saturated market?. It may well be that there is plenty of competition but the market can handle that competition due to the high demand. So you just need to make sure that your marketing techniques are better than other people’s.

• Learning how to find a suitable niche for your home based business is often the most difficult and the most time consuming part of affiliate marketing.

• Once you have found a niche you will then need to find a suitable product and then find out the best way to promote that product and ultimately get sales.

• There are several ways you can promote your product. One of the more popular ways for newbies is to start a blog about your chosen niche. Blogging is very popular but those who are most successful at it provide plenty of good quality information. They then start to attract a readership who have an interest in the niche you are promoting. Once you have established yourself as an expert in your niche area you can then consider trying to sell other niche related products through that blog.

• Of course it goes without saying that promoting your home based business is far more complex than just writing a blog, but that is a sensible place to start. Web 2.0 sites can also offer you ways of promoting your affiliate products. Social networking sites like Facebook and My Space are excellent sites to promote your affiliate products, as are sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages and Digg. All of these sites will enhance the success of your home based business

• Free sessions and free courses are available online. Some of these courses are simply tasters to encourage you to buy more detailed information. However there are also free courses that are packed full of useful information and can set you well on your way to mastering affiliate.

Starting a home based business is not for the faint hearted. It is a huge learning curve, but the bottom line is that if you want to be successful you have to stick at it. Don’t give up because the going is tough. You may be nearer to success than you realise.


Janet Matthews is an online marketer with a specific interest in natural nutrition and weight loss. She has been studying and working in the field of health for over 20 years and has passion for passing on advice regarding healthy eating habits

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