5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing To Gen Z

Over the years, marketing has constantly changed to fit the fluid boundaries of communication. As social platforms have risen up and advanced connections around the world, businesses and brands have had to adapt their marketing strategies to account for these new developments. In today’s world, most businesses are active on social media because that’s where the greatest number of consumers reside, making it the most promising spot for spreading brand awareness.

However, simply being on social media isn’t enough to send customers flocking to your business. With the new platforms of advertising come several tenets businesses must abide by to effectively market to an audience that’s younger and more expansive than ever. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when marketing to today’s consumer bases.

1. Unaware of Audience

In any marketing campaign, the first step should be fully defining the intended audience. Understanding your audience is essential because it reveals lots of useful information like general interests, most used platforms, preferred modes of communication, and so on.

Today’s audiences in particular consist heavily of Generation Z, the youngest generation currently involved in the consumer base. With Gen Z comes a slew of specific characteristics that all businesses should take into consideration when trying to market effectively to current consumers.

As a result of growing up alongside rapidly advancing technology, Gen Z is used to getting all the newest and most exciting content as quickly as possible. Similarly, Gen Zers in the consumer base almost demand marketing that’s fresh, fun, and fast, all at the same time. Businesses who neglect to understand their audience are already at a serious disadvantage in the marketing game.

2. Inefficient Content Curation

With the increasing prominence of social media platforms for marketing, a number of third party applications have sprung up to offer more powerful features for companies trying to advertise themselves on social media. The wide range of functions and information available through these applications is far too expansive for social media marketing teams to pass up when vying for success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Some of the new features available to marketers include post scheduling, easy graphic design tools, and a host of analytics tools that reveal information baseline platforms don’t even display. The data gathered by these apps can show businesses which content most resonates with their viewers, when they should post, and how they stack up against their closest competitors. Instagram analytics applications in particular are very plentiful and potent. Overall, businesses not utilizing these third-party apps leads to a lot of guess work about audience interests and makes success much harder to achieve.

3. Inconsistent Posting

One of the hallmark features of Gen Z is a shorter attention span, cultivated by the rapid advance of technology during their lifetimes. As a result, Gen Zers are used to near-instant communication and dissemination of information, so why should marketing be any different?

The single biggest mistake businesses can commit is inconsistent posting to their social platforms. Unexplained gaps or utter lack of content for long periods of time is a guaranteed way to lose audience interest and followers.

Businesses don’t need to post multiple times a day to catch Gen Z attention, but dropping off the face of the earth without any explanation is less than ideal. In fact, most viewers, not just Gen Z, would lose interest because of such actions. Sticking to a schedule is and should be a priority of all brands trying to expand their sphere of social media influence.

4. No Interactivity

Social media teems with interactions. Both individuals, groups, and businesses are all more connected with one another now than ever before. As a result, businesses trying to cater to their social media followings need to take interactivity into consideration and engage their followers to some extent.

Gen Z and current followers are equipped with such powerful social media tools that allow them to view information at lightning-fast speeds and speak directly with people across the globe. WIth this new development comes the expectation that followers will be able to interact directly with their favorite brands.

Businesses who fail to engage their followers not only miss out on prime advertising opportunities, but they also lose precious chances to create innovative, attention-catching content. Sydney-based SEO agency, E-Web Marketing was used in a study to determine the best follower ratio. The engagement of users was found to be the leading factor.

In addition, this is pretty boring for followers and does nothing but harms viewership. Shoutouts, contests, giveaways, and following sprees do wonders for audience engagement and attracting more viewers. Lack of interactivity can seriously hurt an otherwise successful social media marketing strategy.

5. Running Out of Ideas

With so many businesses now involved in the social media marketing scene, there’s always competition for new content and innovative ideas. However, this constant demand can lead to rapid drain of ideas and leave marketing teams feeling that they’ve completely exhausted all ideas. Although there’s no cure for these feelings and the demand isn’t going anywhere with rising competition and spread of social media, businesses do have one solution: space it out.

There’s no need for businesses to release all of their best content in quick succession. Although successful for a while, this strategy practically begs for an idea drought later on. A better plan is to release heavy-hitting content in intervals farther apart, so as to preserve fresh ideas. Businesses who subscribe to this business plan rather than blasting their followers with all their best advertising will achieve more success in the long run.


Jason Friedman has 13+ years of safety professional and also in that time managed five figure monthly PPC account and SEO for safety consulting firm. His knowledge comes from real world hands on results.

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