5 Tips to Improve Instagram Followers

Remember way back when Instagram was the phony “look what I did last night” platform? Well, in today’s world – it is the marketing beast to tame!

Ever feel like you have done literally everything to better your engagement rate, but you just can’t get people talking? Agreeably, it sucks when you pour your heart out in an attempt to engage an audience, grow your following, generate leads, or even make some sales, and people keep scrolling on by.

And Instagram is not making it any easier for marketers. They have drawn up measures to clamp down on the automated engagement tools, such as Mass Planner and Instagress. The recent induction of their feed algorithm lessened the engagement levels on several brand accounts.

Understand – you will not be an Instagram influencer, claiming thousands per post, overnight. It’s a process which might take months, or years.

Here you 5 ways to improve Instagram followers provided be Toronto SEO Company, Ed Kent Media:

Avoid Use of Instagram Automation Bots

Instagram is a rapidly growing cutthroat platform. For you to secure a slot at the top posts of a particular hashtag, you have to quickly craft a ton of engagement (comments and likes). However, with the downturn in engagement, it gets more difficult than ever; which is why some Instagram users turn to the automated bots to inflate the engagement levels on their posts.

The wild idea is – if you can’t source 3,000 likes, from your online community, in an hour; why not turn to a bot service to buy the likes?

Well, listen. The appeal can be irresistible. Even though Instagram bots pose as the perfect solution for the busy entrepreneurs, the fact is that these bots risk your account.

Today, Instagram’s algorithm is tougher on bots and on the accounts which makes use of these bots. Just a few weeks back, users who use bots to auto-comment and autolike realized that their posts fail to show up on the hashtags in use. Moreover, some bots are in violation of Instagram’s terms of use. Point is – don’t use any kind of automation software on your account to avoid a shadow ban or the outright banning of the same.

Strategize Your Instagram Hashtags

Do you ever use the same hashtag over and over? Instagram is penalizing users who make use of banned hashtags and even those who use the same hashtags repeatedly. You will note that even if you make use of just one banned hashtag, your post will not pop up under any of the hashtags in use. Use an Instagram analytics tool to see which of your hashtags get the most engagement.

And make a point to carry out an inventory of your set of hashtags just to ascertain yourself that none of them have been banned by Instagram. You can achieve this through simply searching for the hashtag. In case you are searching the hashtag and the top posts pop up, but nothing else does, it is very likely that the hashtag is banned. If they are banned, restrict yourself from their use immediately.

On the flip side, we cannot ignore the fact that Instagram hashtags are still one of the best tools to sway engagement onto your post. More evident when and once you secure a spot in the ‘Top Posts,’ a particular hashtag can bring about huge, worthy exposure for your brand. To secure a slot in the Top Posts of a certain hashtag, optimize each of the following factors:

  • Popularity of the hashtag

  • How much engagement your post attracts

  • How quick your post embraces engagement

Find the Right Time to Post

This is one of the best ways to build your following and engagement rate. Make a schedule to post when your audience is most active. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes the posts with higher engagement. Therefore, the more comments and likes your post receives, the more people get to have a look at your post.

Posting when your audience is most active sparks some engagement on your post. In turn, Instagram bumps your post higher up on the hierarchy of users’ feeds encouraging more engagement.

It all is a cyclical process –higher engagement leads to more visibility – and it all kicks off with you right from the point you post on Instagram.

See why scheduling when to post is vital to your Instagram strategy?

Add a Call to Action to All Your Posts

At times, for you to get what you want means that you have to ask for it first. Simply inviting your audience to comment or to engage in the post might help boost your Instagram engagement.

This can’t be stressed enough – it is important to include a call-to-action in the caption of your post. It’s a splendid way to lure followers to engage with your Instagram account through the comments section.

When creating a call-to-action, you just have to ask the followers to do something right after they have gone through your caption. For example, “What are you up to this weekend?” or “What are your thoughts on our new product line?”

Cross Promoting

Finally, you can earn your Instagram account a little more engagement through the cross-promotion of your posts on several other social profiles.

For example, you can share your photos and videos on Facebook or Twitter along with the Instagram’s account link. This might earn you a couple more followers on Facebook or Twitter who are not on Instagram; giving them the chance to set eyes on your post.


Note – while all of the above tips are good, it will be uncalled for if we don’t encourage you to build up your own community. It can be an email listing or even a membership pass on your website.

Make it your endeavor to use social media to drive your audience to your online community. Don’t just grow your followers for them to hang around your social profiles; in any case that the social platforms fail, you should still be in a position to get your point through to those who want, and need, to see it.


Jason Friedman has 13+ years of safety professional and also in that time managed five figure monthly PPC account and SEO for safety consulting firm. His knowledge comes from real world hands on results.

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