Can an Old Guy Get Into Vaping? Part 1

So my nephews all use vape pens, they are regular aficionados when it comes to the things. Last Thanksgiving they were having a conversation about the abilities of different vape pen batteries. When I asked if I could try one they seemed annoyed. But after some prying I finally got one in my hands.

The first thing I noticed about the Vaporesso Kit was the cool led image on the side of the case. I had smoked cigarettes briefly in my younger days and part of me was hoping from that dark camel smoke. But this was very smooth and velvety, my nephew Alex had mint flavor in the tank. The boys tried to show my how to make trick clouds but I couldn’t figure it out and had a head rush from the nicotine.

Then I went home and did some research about vaping to see if it was healthy for than as people said. What I found shocked me a little a Greek study found that "Absence of combustion and different chemical composition, leading to less toxic chemicals created and absorbed . . . electronic cigarettes may be a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes."

You might not be aware vaping were being researched so thoroughly and there are several more I could link. I was surprised at the amount of positive research that vaping had, had not yet changed the public perception of it being safe. Probably due to the fact the history that inhaling nicotine has in this country and the misinformation that has been spread previously about smoking.

All this aside this series is going to look more at the aspects of vaping and vape equipment to see if an old man can be a cool vape bro with his nephews. And I will only touch on the health implications of vaping in this first article. I too was the displeased Uncle who did not want his family to be sick from vaping. But from the research I have seen, I now found that to be not proven to be fact.

If you are wanting to know "what is vapor?", it is the e-liquid in gaseous form caused by heating the liquid and running it through an atomizer. While it may look thicker than smoke, it dissipates faster and has a more pleasing aroma due to the flavoring. Vaping is a tobacco-free, and in some cases even nicotine-free, version of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

From this I decided that I had to do a series on vaping and what to look for. For the vape pen newbies like myself. So this is part one and just an introduction but hopefully you can join me for part 2. My nephew had a vaporesso revenger 220w if you were curious.


Jason Friedman has 13+ years of safety professional and also in that time managed five figure monthly PPC account and SEO for safety consulting firm. His knowledge comes from real world hands on results.

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