Can an Old Guy Get Into Vaping? Part 2

So on my first day out in the vaping wild I decided to order a couple different style pens when I stumbled upon something alarming. A pen was just one type of device there was also a mod kit which I came to find out is modded vape pen with more power. The vape mod twice the capacity of a pen and capable of delivering noticeably larger clouds of vapor and an increase in the amount of e-juice flavor/nicotine present in each pull.

Vape mods are what you see on youtube video making the huge clouds vapor and was banned from use by nephews until they were no longer at my sister's house. So of course I had to find one, I landed on the LMC moddo to the battery size and cos

A vape mod has more functionality than a vape pen and can include adjustments for coil temperature and more. Naturally twice the capacity requires a battery that is twice the size of a vape pen. But the larger capacity battery is capable of improved output and taste.

Most vape pen mods function the in an identical way as vape pens, other than you will find more versatility with power, options and with regards to tank design. The electric power of vape mods is often controlled with different battery sizes and various size heating coils. You will discover a great deal to uncover about mechanical mods consisting of several versions of builds and sizes. My local vape store advised that I should not get started with a vape mod not having any kind of experience with vape pens. Bert at my local shop said this would be like getting a 16 year old a Porsche for their first car.

For those who desire to spend more for a mod over a pen that is up to them, but generally the increased battery and/or functions are not necessary for a beginner. Provided because vape pens half the capacity of vape mods and offer less functionality it is not a surprise that pens are cheaper. For any whom go for vape mods instead of vape pens, the increased expense is well worth it seeing that you have twice the output and optional adjustments.

Vape mods are regarded as more sturdy than the more affordable pens. You will discover two causes that make a vape mod more durable than a vape pen. Primary vape mods are manufactured out of heavier and higher-quality components as opposed to pens. Secondly mechanical mods will not endure the same amount of damage which unfortunately vape pens typically do. Due to the fact that pens smaller they are more often used for travel and common use. Because they are more mobile they are more likely to be dropped or damaged, giving them a shorter average life span.

Limitless Box Mod

I went ahead and went for it and got a couple different mod kits. But I also got a couple pens to try out and see. I just want to take the Porsche out for a nice drive and see how it handles.


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