Can an Old Guy Get Into Vaping? Part 3

I was looking online and found a Joyetech Ego AIO and had to get one for my first product review. The first thing I noticed is the sleek and minimal design online but I had read it was a great entry piece for thick clouds of vapor. So I put in my order and waited for delivery.

The AIO is available in a white package this is certainly identical to almost every Joyetech product. Across the front side is an actual size representation of the AIO in silver & black, even though this will not depict the color of the mod inside. Along the lower part of the representation is the AIO logo and then three product features: 2ml tank, childproof, and leakproof.


The operation from the AIO is much the same to the Joyetech Cubis. They share the same coilheads and have a very similar chimney and the airflow on both can be fine-tuned to allow for a very restricted pull of vapor. The AIO is capable of replicating the pull of a stogie devoid of the smell and carcinogens.

Simple Design

The unit by itself is manufactured as straightforward as possible with no configuration settings and only one button. The AIO has an output somewhere between 15W-28W depending upon on the amount of resistance of the coilhead. The average coilheads that are shipped in the AIO are .6 OHM and give a good quality vapor. When you install a coilhead that has a reduced resistance the AIO will output slightly more electric power up to 28W, if you use bigger resistance the electric power will drop downwards.

Custom LED Light Tank

There is one particular option you can adjust and it can be somewhat of a fun setting. Inside of the reservoir is a clear ring that enables light to move through. Beneath this clear ring are LEDs which will light up your reservoir and vape liquid when you take a pull. Updating the color selection is as straightforward as pressing the firebutton when the AIO is turned off. As soon the reservoir is glowing it is easy to click through the unique colors or turn the lights off. Although this could appear like a gimmick to some, I discovered it valuable in that I could see the level of liquid in the reservoir without light.


The single button features a small amount of push back and that causes it be very pleasant to press. There is even a gentle click feel and sound. The reverse side of the AIO is the USB port that allows you to charge the unit with the supplies charger. Since the Joyetech AIO only has a 1500mAh battery the wall adapter charges full within 30 minutes. There is no battery indicator so only know when battery is fully charged or dead.


One of the highlights Joyetech presents on the product packaging is a childproof cap. It certainly is engineered in such a way that users have to press down on the top cap inorder to unscrew the cap from body. The aesthetic of the AIO, kept simple and minimal for a reason, is a nice relief from pens with too many features.


Jason Friedman has 13+ years of safety professional and also in that time managed five figure monthly PPC account and SEO for safety consulting firm. His knowledge comes from real world hands on results.

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