Finding the Best Tankless Gas Water Heater

I am looking into a new water heater and in my research I have been looking at tankless water heaters because I really like long hot showers. Tankless natural gas water heaters last longer than tanked heaters due to less equipment to take wear and tear. They tankless heaters also furnish hot water anytime and is not limited to a tank size for the amount of hot water it can provide. Lastly its should save me some in heating costs every month. In several online reviews I found people reporting 37% savings in their heating bills. This makes these new heaters investments based on the savings and additional convenience. Being more eco friendly is just icing on the cake and overall makes me decision a lot easier.

A high efficiency gas water heater is reportedly much better in cold weather than electric tankless heaters and also the gas heaters have lower costs. Because of the host of different features available I had to make sure I knew what was important for my water heater. It would be easy to get a high end unit that was not necessary for my application only because it had 3X the numbers as the other units. It is one thing to overpay and another to overpay for something you can not fully use. One negative to natural gas heater is the equipment can certainly be expensive, especially since natural gas models need ventilation ports and fuel hookups installed by license technicians.

A very crucial element to deciding the right high-quality tankless water heater is knowing your household size. For instance a single man living alone should not need the same gallons per minute output from its water heater as a family of four living in a five-bedroom house. If I can only run one hot shower at a time there would be no reason to buy a model that can support 4 simultaneous showers.

To determine just how much I need to spend, first I find exactly how much hot water I need at peak output. This is a subject of getting my GPM usage, I found online a standard shower ranges from around 3 GPM. Then I also want to add in my laundry in case I run it at same time I am in the shower.


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