Fixed Caged Ladder - New OSHA Regulation Small Business Owners Should Know

I have found a number of different posts related to the new OSHA regulations effecting Fixed Roof Ladders. To be clear, caged ladders are required in large facilities that require roof access as a means of employee fall protection. Improvements to OSHA 1910 laws that will be implemented on 1/17/2017 could place your small business at danger for OSHA safety violations.

Note: Small modifications in clearance heights are not included in this report but if expectations are not achieved by Nov 19, 2018 fees could be issued by OSHA for organizations and businesses which have been non-compliant.

Some corrections are requested for OSHA 1910 and the most important involved are improvements in ladder design, rung spacing, and distance for step offs for the fixed roof ladders. Cages will no longer be OSHA compliant for fall protection and in multiple cases safety cages may be required to be removed from the roof access area as they can quite often cause injuries at your facility.

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Preferably, instead of using safety cages, new rules call for ladder safety systems along with personal fall protection systems like vertical lifelines which can be attached on the fixed ladder with a harness system that is attached to both the user and fixed ladder. These kind of safety features can prevent fall injuries at any facility or any area requiring roof access. Safety cages may be employed provided that the cages do not obstruct with the fall arrest system. Typically OSHA inspectors may recommend getting rid of the safety cage on roof ladders to demonstrate this with out a question.

So that your business to be ready for these OSHA changes it's vital to have employees inventory your roof access equipment. Personal fall arrest systems must contain rest platforms at 30 feet and the intervals are required to be no more that 150 feet.

Establishing a safety phase plan that allows the owner to fulfill the current criteria for all roof access safety and make sure that every pertinent changes made by November 19 2018. Consider safety plans for roof ladders and make certain that any kind of development plans until 2036 are up to date with these changes in safety standards too.


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