International Travel Life Hacks

Want to have fun during your trick? If so, then here are some international travel life hack that you need to know. These hacks can definitely make your trip much easier.

  • Call your credit card provider and inform them that you would be travelling overseas so that they could authorize your card to be used to make international transactions.

  • If you would be travelling with your entire family, it would be best for you to rent a vacation home instead of staying in a hotel, especially if you want to have more privacy.

  • Organize your jewelry and other accessories in a pill container.

  • Don’t forget to bring a dryer sheet so that your clothes would remain fresh, especially if you would be travelling for long hours.

  • Scan all of your documents including your itinerary, passport and your identification card. That way, in case you lose them or it gets stolen, you still have a copy of it.

  • To save space, place your socks inside your shoes.

  • If you want to save some space when packing your clothes so that more clothes would fit into your luggage, then roll them instead of folding them.

  • Put up a fragile sign on your luggage so that it would be handled correctly.

  • In case you would be travelling to Australia, you can now utilize HBO Now Australia to watch your favorite HBO shows like the Game of Thrones.
With these international travel life hacks, you can now have an amazing journey ahead of you.


Jason Friedman has 13+ years of safety professional and also in that time managed five figure monthly PPC account and SEO for safety consulting firm. His knowledge comes from real world hands on results.

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