Largest Insurance Providers in Australia

If you suffer from an accident, having an insurance is perfect as they will take care of your bills; that’s the main purpose of an insurance. Insurances are kind of risk management mostly comes into use to prevent against risks or dangers of a client. However, the insurance market in Australia is somewhat well refined and designed because they’re divided into three parts: these are general insurance, health insurance, and life insurance. Following is the list of the largest insurance providers in Australia. Not many corporations tend to specialize in one area of expertise, but most insurers depend toward the life insurance market.


QBE Insurance is one of the largest and most diversified general insurance providers in the country. Founded in 1888, it has grown to offer insurance to 52 countries around the globe. Further, QBE is also the most sought-after insurance provider in Australia.QBE was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1973 from the merger of three companies whose names represent the letters of the combined company, Queensland Insurance, Bankers' and Traders' Insurance Company, and Equitable Life and General Insurance Co., and its founding chairman was J.D.O. Burns.


AIA is a life insurance provided with an annual premium of more than $1 billion. This company have developed to become one of the most prestigious providers in Australia and ranks as the leading insurance provider in business excellence, diversification, sales, and service.


Because of the recent merger together with another top insurance provider, AXA, now known as AMP Life is the biggest life insurance provider in the country. Moreover, it is the oldest insurance provider with roots going back in 1849. AMP Life is one of the most successful insurance providers with Australian-wide premiums totaling more than $1.5 billion yearly.


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