Office Cleaning Tips for Small Business Owners

Cleaning up the company office can be a time consuming process. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind for the next time it is your turn to clean the company office. This is not a complete list but a short list of tasks that often get overlooked when cleaning at work.

Electronic devices constitute a significant quantity of company assets. Because they are used so much, these are likely to be the biggest workplace dust magnets. Consumer electronics draw in dirt and dust simply because employees dedicate a lot of time using them. The below is a short guide on how to keep office computers and tablets clean:

Use a compressed air approved for use with electronics to blow the keyboard and tower crevices free of dust. There are special vacuum cleaners that can be used on electronics as well. Next use an approved rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to deep clean the keyboard. Don’t forget to wipe underside of the keyboard with disinfectant, this spot if often overlooked.

Also be sure to use disinfectant wipes on the phones and hand helds. To prevent bacteria it is best to clean these they same as the computer keyboards with cotton balls and alcohol. Always remember to unplug any electronic device before cleaning as water and electricity can be deadly.

Vacant waste baskets daily. Do not allow your mates to get into the habit of departing trash in bins for many days. Not only does this leave your workplace space with a unwelcoming aroma, but it also can cause germs, bacteria and more. In addition , removing trash daily makes sure that your office space is look great to clients, prospective workers and visiting executives as well.

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When the office closes desk spaces have to be cleared off to prevent the mess from accumulating more everyday. Laptops need to be easily wiped clean weekly, unless splatters occur. Ensure that cafeteria tables do not have any food crumbs and dirt. Setting rules will ensure you have a work environment that is clean and that employees are allowed to snack at their workstations. Cleaning ought to occur weekly to prevent bugs, dirt, germs and bacteria. After the thorough cleaning is complete make sure to organize the placements of everything. Never attempt to clean around items on a shelf or perhaps table. This leaves dirt underneath the item.


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