Picture Working Less and Earning More

Now here is a nice thought! Instead of working your average 10 to 14 hours a day for a pay check which could be certainly better, why not work only six hours a day and earn more money than you can ever spend? And once you’re at it, picture this:

… You wake up every morning because you feel like waking up. It’s not the stressful scream of your alarm clock marking a new day, but maybe the calm sounds of waves hitting the soft white sand of your private beach below the bed room window of your luxury beach villa.

You walk down the stairs to your open kitchen where you’ll prepare a wonderful breakfast for you and your loved ones. You’ll eat outside by the pool today. The weather is beautiful! After a short swim, you turn on the computer in your super cool home office and be happy about the new requests you’ve received. A short look at your bank account and you smile even brighter – maybe you’ll actually buy that sailing yacht you fell in love with during your recent holidays in St. Tropez. You work for a couple of hours – just as long as you enjoy it. Arrange everything for the extremely well-paid counselling session next week in Hong Kong, write a chapter in your third book about “a laid-back stroll towards a perfect life”, answer some mails and consider the interview request from CNN Money. After a light lunch on your veranda, it’s leisure time! Surf for a couple of hours, maybe pick up the kids from school with your new Porsche Cayenne? Back home, book a table in the new gourmet restaurant and surprise your better half with a nice date. Once that is done, call your pilot to get the helicopter ready … you don’t feel like driving today.

Visualization: picture it – feel it – achieve it!

Although this sounds a bit Hocus-Pocus, visualization is actually a technique used by many successful people. In this context, the word “success” not only defines financial wealth. Visualizationcan improve your health, help you lose weight, achieve sport goals, and/or find the partner who will make you happy. A girl who looks just as beautiful like the German escort you’ve seen on the web last week or the one and only, true partner for life you’ve always longed for.

Visualization sets your mind towards the things you truly want to have. And the mind is one of the greatest forces on earth! If you read the interview Jim Carrie gave to Oprah Winfrey, his first rules for success is visualization. When he had nothing, he pictured himself having 10 million dollars within five years. He even wrote himself a check with the amount and the due-date on it. Five years later, he cashed it in. Today, his fortune is estimated around 150 million USD!

First of all: For visualization to work, you need to believe that it works. Sounds easy, but given the “work hard to earn more” attitude we’ve been force-feed with over generations, it’s not. We automatically feel scepticism, doubt, and tend to discard such things a “spiritual nonsense”. Then you give it a short try, nothing happens and that’s it.

A good approach is to cut your visualization of the life you wish to have into small slices. Picture for instance a new job opportunity. See before your inner eye, how you open your post-box or how you pick up the phone. Read the mail with this amazing job offer or hear the person on the other line inviting you for a job interview. Feel the good vibe you’ll have once the offer lands on your table. Feel the joy, the gratitude and simply know, that it will happen.

Know the secret!
Yup … there is a secret. A secret which everyone has access to. Rhonda Byrne not only made a documentary about it, she also wrote a couple of books about this amazing way to get where you want to be. The essence of the secret is the ability to tab into one of the fundamental forces of life or – to put it on a wider scale – the universe. And again … it sounds a bit “loony” at first, but when you realize that people – like for instance Leonardo, Galileo, Beethoven, Lincoln,and Einstein – already used this approach to create truly amazing things, you start to wonder. One of the basics to unlocking the secret is the use and practice of visualization.
Read the “Secret”! What do you have to lose?


Jason Friedman has 13+ years of safety professional and also in that time managed five figure monthly PPC account and SEO for safety consulting firm. His knowledge comes from real world hands on results.

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